The Club

South Gloucestershire Drone Club (SGDC) was established in August 2021. We are a friendly, dedicated group of FPV enthusiasts in the South Gloucestershire and Bristol area. We have club members based all over Bristol and the South West. Proudly racing 5 inch drones, wings and whoops in first person view. 

We cater to pilots of all abilities whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro.

Each year we have a number of events. Through the summer we host BDRA British qualifier events, MultiGP global qualifiers as well as twice weekly practice sessions. During the winter we host whoop events and 5 inch drone races on the YOSC flood lit track.

Our club membership currently sits around 25 people with a number of other non-members visiting for various events. The committee is comprised of 7 members.

The Aims

  1. Provide a fun, friendly, safe and non-prejudiced club environment. 
  2. Be open to all and for all ages, to fly, talk and enjoy the hobby and sport of FPV
  3. Offer help to new pilots starting out in FPV racing
  4. Provide our members with the best facilities for 5 inch racing and winter whooping
  5. Organise and run race events to the highest possible standard for all abilities from beginners to top level professional pilots in conjunction with the BMFA, BDRA and Multi GP.

The Promo Video

The Committee

Mr E
  • Real name: Leigh
  • Pilot name: MrE
  • Role: Chairman
  • Email:
  • Real name: Scott
  • Pilot name: ScottyDoo
  • Role: Secretary
  • Email:
  • Real name: Duncan
  • Pilot name: CruiseFPV
  • Role: Digital Officer
  • Email:
  • Real name: Rob
  • Pilot name: Mopatop
  • Role: Digital Officer
  • Email:
  • Real name: Aaron
  • Pilot name: Aaron
  • Role: Membership Secretary
  • Email:

Committee Supporting Roles

  • Race Director – Ryan
  • Safety Officer – Rob
  • Check-in sugar provider – Soley
  • Track designers – Josh, Ryan, Leigh
  • Website development – Aaron
  • Graphics design – Leigh
  • Weekly session organizer – Leigh
  • Discord admin – Rob, Leigh

Honorary Committee Members

  • Founding Chairman (2021 – 2023) – Sean (Bolts)
  • Founding Digital Officer (2021 – 2023) – Ryan (IronRyan)
  • Founding Health and Safety Officer (2021 – 2023) – Tom (MIT)
  • Founding Digital Officer (2021 – 2022) – David (Gravvy)
  • Founding Membership Secretary (2021 – 2022) – Anthony (Deadbolt)