SGDC invites club members to race in our Club Summer Series [CSS]. (Non-members welcome, but public registration opens 1 week before!)

We are running a MultiGP style fastest 3 consecutive lap racing series over the summer between April & September, with awards and prizes in October. If you aren’t a member of our club and would like to join in, we offer membership at a reasonable price so you can take part in the summer series in addition to all of the other perks membership offers. As a non-member, you are still welcome to join in, however, your times will not be posted on the league table. Membership cost is the same as a single race day session, which is currently £10. 

A typical CSS day will be as follows:

09:00-09:45: Track Set-Up / Prep / Check-in / Track Walk
09:45-15:30: Racing
15:30-16:00: Tear Down*
16:00-17:00: Club House / Pub

*Tear Down may be later if pilots want to continue flying, as Saturdays are practice days, however, Series racing will end at 16:00 or at the Race Directors discretion.

We’re going old school - a track will not be released beforehand. Therefore, a track walk is essential on the day. 

As we’ll be running a fastest 3 consecutive lap format, you do not need to be present all day to post a competitive time. Although, if enough pilots commit to the full day, we may run finals towards the end of the racing session - so please try to keep your day free and enjoy the event to the fullest. (Finals will not contribute to the league results.)

As we all know, sadly, #droneislife isn’t always the case. Therefore, we will have the ‘Best 4 of 6’ rule - your best 4 event results will be taken into account at the final standings. This will also allow for those days where the VTX just isn’t quite working right… 

All timing will be recorded using LiveTime or our RotorHazard systems and added to the CSS league table below and registered with MultiGP.

A detailed ruleset for the CSS can be found below.

All events will be listed on iFPV Please ensure you register on iFPV to allow us to scale the day of racing accordingly.


PosPilotScoreAvgPts 1Pts 2Pts 3Pts 4Pts 5Pts 6

Points per event:
1st : 35, 2nd : 32, 3rd : 30, 4th : 28, 5th : 26, 6th : 24, 7th : 22, 8th : 20, 9th : 18, 10th : 16, 11th : 15, 12th : 14, 13th : 13, 14th: 12, 15th: 11, 16th: 10, 17th: 9, 18th: 8, 19th: 7, 20th: 6, 21st: 5, 22nd: 4, 23rd: 3, 24th: 2, 25th: 1

Event Dates

All events are held on Saturdays. Please note, dates may be subject to change due to weather or conflicting events.

  1. 6th of April 2024 (TBC)
  2. 4th of May 2024
  3. 1st of June 2024
  4. 6th of July 2024
  5. 3rd of August 2024
  6. 31st of August 2024
  7. 5th of October 2024 (AGM / Awards)

CSS Format & Rules

The Summer Series will be run in a very similar fashion to our normal Floodlit events:

  • You will be assigned a heat with your channel on the day and progress through rounds.
  • The race format will be your fastest consecutive 3 laps timed in a 2 minute window with a further 30 seconds to finish the lap you are on.
  • Your best fastest consecutive 3 laps time will be recorded for that round & the final standings will be seeded on your best single round.
  • The series is Open Class but members are encouraged to run in sub classes if they wish to have a bit of extra fun (3 Inch, Texas, Street League etc)

Technical rules will be guided by BDRA & MultiGP - here are the critical ones:

  • Your craft will be within the multirotor specification.
  • VTX power is limited to 25mw 5.8ghz and should be capable of Raceband 1 through Raceband 8.
  • Transmitter power will be limited to 100mw max on 2.4ghz, we ask that you turn off your transmitter while you are not flying.
  • Batteries will only be permitted to be charged to the manufacturer's specification - 4.2v per cell on normal Lipos or 4.35v per cell on legitimate HV packs.
  • Failsafe must be set to "Drop" and be demonstrable to cut your motors power when the radio is turned off, you will be asked to do this on craft that have not passed this failsafe check.
  • You must have valid insurance and your craft must have either your Operator ID or your Flyer ID that you have been provided by the CAA with.

Tracks will be created on the morning of events and a track will be required to be flown in the correct manner. There may be an event where we set up a Global Qualifier or other track but you will be notified.

  • There will be the usual protocols in place: Pit area and flight line with good separation from the track, starting blocks that you should most certainly stay behind and a landing zone for when you've completed your round.

Scoring will be awarded in the following manner according to your finishing position on the day (Finals/Mains if undertaken will be for fun, experience and honours being seeded on the results)

  • First position will receive 35 points, second will receive 32 with third having 30, 4th to 10th will continue at 2 point graduations with following positions to 25th at 1 point increments.

The Summer Series event will be posted to the league table on the website which may include the fastest 3 consecutive times from that event.

  • Final standings will be based on your best 4 results over the Summer Series, this is to enable pilots to miss a couple of events and not be penalised.

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