The winter season is now over and we’ve crowned the winner after 5 amazing, almost surreal races. The Whoop Season is always a great entry into drone racing with today’s little Whoops being extremely capable and phenomenal fun.

We would first like to offer our deepest gratitude to all of our amazing sponsors for supporting our series: Gemfan, WeBLEED ,Tiny Whoop, ViFly, Happymodel, T-motor, ImmersionRC, Orqa, Thumbgrippies & Airjacker.

We would also like to thank each and every one of you that contributed time and support for the series – we couldn’t do it without you!

We’ve run 2 races and the Series Final since the last update, so let’s get you up to speed on the proceedings. Every Pilot was a recipient of the great prize pool!

We’ve had battles up and down the field all season and couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, with a fair few new faces now part of the family headed into the nicer summer season of outdoor flying at our amazing home venue Yate Outdoor Sports Complex.

The battle for the title went down to the wire and could have gone either way to the very last pack with our top 2 pilots always locked in combat – DMS with ludicrous outright speed and MrE right there always keeping the pressure on.

Our congratulations to MrE – our 2023/2024 season Champion, just edging out our reigning 2022/2023 Champion, DMS after a titanic battle all season, thank you both for the amazing racing, best of 3 seasons being 1 a piece now? Dodgybot took a well deserved 3rd in the season by a whisker over HyperDan.

Race 3

Race 3 in the SGDC Whoop Series marked the halfway point in the season & SGDC’s Christmas bash.

Aaron was kind enough to take on the construction of a Hyper Tunnel and he pulled it off with spectacular results. It’s an amazing addition to our equipment and we couldn’t be more happy with it, thank you Aaron! We always look forward to flying it at races in future, its such a great addition to our tracks and will continue to be used for years to come.

The events track was fluid and racy, it was one of those tracks that just fell into place with the new Hyper Tunnel being the cornerstone, there was also some new remote hardware to share race info to pilots on an LED matrix, as you crossed the line you were presented with your position to the corresponding colour – in future, any information in the timing system can be sent over to it if required, another of Aaron’s awesome gizmos.

On to Qualifying:

Pilots started throwing down immediately, with the top 5 rounds counting towards the mains seeding.

DMS & MrE were hot as usual turning it up to 11 on the dial, DodgyBot & HyperDan were throwing fire, Mopatop & Simpo were split by 13 seconds over 20 laps and the rest of the field having battles all over the place, the results make for very interesting reading across the board.

It’s hard to believe that the pilots threw down 382 laps in qualifying, huge respect!

Once we had qualifying done and dusted, it was time for a spread of food from our great venue, Yate Outdoor Sports Complex.

While we were mid event hoovering down the grub, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to give some of our amazing sponsors swag to the Pilots.

TinyWhoop gave us 5 cube gates to give away so we did randomly, thank you TinyWhoop!

To cap it off we had a BNF Mobula 6 from another great sponsor of the series, HappyModel – Mopatop was the lucky winner, huge congratulations again, Rob!

The mains got crazy, as they always seem to with some amazingly close racing and finishes.

The winner at the pointy end in the A Main went down to a tiebreaker between MrE & DMS, MrE just clinching it by 1.81 seconds over the 9 laps – 2 tenth’s a lap!

Dodgybot took the third position of the evening giving HyperDan 4th.

There was great flying up and down the field, most notably IronRyan and R8MXX going to a tiebreaker also, with IronRyan taking that one!

Race 4

Race 4 in the series witnessed 224 laps in qualifying with the pecking order seemingly what it had been thus far, headed into the familiar mains.

R8MXX took the victory over IronRyan in the mains this time around and Derpy swung for the fences winning the D Main!

Race 5

Race 5 being the final event had everything to play, with what seemed like the whole series positions for a lot of pilots coming down to the wire.

The track builders built one of the best tracks all season with the clubs ever expanding inventory of gates and equipment, We had a WeBLEED Shape Gate tower and the Gemfan Cube dive along with the Hyper Tunnel among other obstacles.

Qualification was nearly 300 laps as we started rather early after a get-together in the cafe.

MrE sealed the series with another win on the night although not without adversity – winning the first 2 mains before a technical issue in the third race, but that was enough to wrap the season, DMS with a strong second position.
We saw Jaggers join us for the first time in the series – things could have gone a different way if he had been throwing down through the whole season with the gusto that he did on his debut with us, taking a podium off the bat, congratulations!

Here’s the final standings from series Race 5:

For the full series standings , you can find them on our sites league page here:

We can’t wait to do the whoop series over and look forward to it very much so, but first – we get to enjoy the sun (hopefully), visiting our friends around the country on the national circuit.
We’ve just rolled out SGDC’s Club Summer Series also, more information can be found on it HERE.

Check out our Gallery for more pics from the event here.
Thank you to everyone who made the season one to remember, see you in the goggles!