Great event guys, a “show” would be better description.


What a fantastic day of racing, and a real spectacle! Pilots started arriving between 12 and 1pm, just in time to help finish up the last sections of the track. High winds had made the setup tricky, and that wasn’t the last problem that the wind would cause that day!

Pilots soon started putting in their first laps in the gusty conditions, missing and hitting gates left, right and centre. Soon though we started to see fast times coming in, but with less than half of pilots putting in 3 laps in the first round, the conditions were tough.

As the sun was setting, the show really got started, as the SGDC track crew activated all the track lighting. As day turned to dusk the LEDs shone through giving pilots a taste of the evening to come. Everyone pushed to make their best Top 3 Consecutive times, and when the final qualifying round finished at 5:30, everyone took a break while the Race Directors battle software with pen and paper to work out the final qualifying positions.

Either due to heavy winds, or a new format, the final qualification table looked more like a random sort than a measure of skill. Notable anomalies include KPV and MrE in C-Main, with more consistent pilots taking their places in the upper finals.

As the final races started in full darkness, the radically different visibility caught pilots out, with only gates and the track line to guide them. All the quads were shining in bright multicolour LEDs – pilots had made a lot of effort to really deck out their quads and put on an awesome show for spectators. One pilot’s quad was even referred to as a “Pink Sun”.

Darkness and weather can never stop the best of the best though, as the finals were rounded out, familiar faces were smiling from the top podium. Congratulations to Knighthawk, King Joshy and Steath for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

On behalf of the SGDC Committee we’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who turned out with their brilliant quads and blazing skills! Final result were as follows:

1KNIGHTHAWK[27] 9/3:17.916A Main
2KING JOSHY[17] 6/2:05.781A Main
3STEATH[13] 7/3:27.165A Main
4FUZE[11] 7/3:04.413A Main
5ORANGUTANFPV[7] 4/2:02.608A Main
6TINKERSFLIGHT[3] 4/2:11.362A Main
7M4TTFPV[23] 6/3:38.239B Main
8DACUS[17] 9/5:38.446B Main
9SILVERFOX[17] 9/5:44.717B Main
10XO – XO[11] 7/4:46.726B Main
11BOLTS[6] 4/2:58.679B Main
128M1[4] 4/2:37.909B Main
13SUPER DAN[30] 9/4:41.123C Main
14WYLDEONE[19] 7/5:06.152C Main
15MRE[15] 7/4:16.019C Main
16MOPATOP[7] 5/3:24.589C Main
17KPV[7] 2/49.772C Main
18RAMMER[0] 1/52.133C Main
19DERPY HOOVES[21] 7/6:35.528D Main
20PULQUERO[20] 7/6:58.532D Main
21REIKONFPV[18] 4/3:33.168D Main
22IRON-RYAN[14] 2/1:19.299D Main
23CRUISEFPV[4] 2/2:38.250D Main
24SIMPO[1] 0/0.000D Main
25AARON[30] 9/7:36.742E Main
26MARTIN FPV[17] 4/5:01.021E Main
27WYCLIFFE[15] 3/2:10.244E Main
28WHATS_UP_FPV[9] 2/3:42.223E Main
29CLIVE[7] 1/1:55.263E Main
30JRO[0] 0/0.000E Main