SGDC’s winter got under way with race #1 of the Whoop Series back in our great facility at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex.
A nice racey track featuring our sponsors Shape Gates – creating the WeBLEED tunnel on the back straight, our ever vibrant LED gates, flags & ladders. ScottyDoo took the top step on the night, congratulations Scotty!

The evening kicked of with a gathering in the Cafe before getting a track created & heading to qualification rounds, Pizza and a team race. Finishing the night with triple mains for all & prize giving!

This is how qualification panned out:

DMS threw down the fastest laptime of quals with a 19.381 but suffering technical issues putting him on the back foot for most of the evening. MrE notching up lap after lap taking TQ with 16 laps in 6:26.33.
The battle for second in qualifying was cut throat through positions 2-5, all doing 12 laps in 6 mins. ScottyDoo just bumping DMS out of the 4th spot with 12 laps in 6:48.66 against 12 laps in 6:48.77, 11 thousandths being the difference between getting into the A main or B main!

The team race was full of ups and downs with Team 2 having a rocky start, Team 1 & 3 were chipping away neck and neck and finished 15 minutes of racing on the same lap!
Both Team 1 & 3 finished 19 laps 8 seconds apart while Team 2 got their act together and their heads down, managing to find their groove to take the win with 21 laps.
MrE with team 2 managed to put in the fastest lap of the night while in the team race with a 19.309 – 0.072 faster than DMS’s qually lap.

The A Main saw ScottyDoo capitalize on a mistake from MrE that gave him the very well deserved first place finish of the night. ScottingDoo taking a 2nd place, a win and a second edged out MrE who had a win, a 4th and a final win getting the motorcross on laps after race 3!
DMS got his act together and cleanswept the B main with Dacus laying on a clinic, cleansweeping the C Main.

You can find the current standings Here

Please join us at Race 2 in the Whoop Series on Nov 11th

We couldn’t be happier to have the support of our amazing sponsors:
WeBLEED ,TinyWhoop, Thumbgrippies, ViFly, Gemfan, HappyModel, Orqa & ImmersionRC.
Thank you!