With our winter season in full swing, race #2 in the SGDC Whoop Series at @YOSC got underway with a full house, to the degree that we’re at capacity!

We had a get together in the Cafe as usual to kick the evening off before the masses assembled for the racing. Into the MAB we go and find that our neighbours have install some new equipment in hte building – great! We’ve got even more stuff to fly around in the way of hung heavy bags and new steels!
The crew got race control, the pits & the track setup with the ever organic track adorned by led’s & a couple of set pieces, in the form of the vortex tunnel & the climbing gate.

The usual format ensued into qualifying, 4 up in 5 groups, we had 5 qualification heats for each pilot, MrE , HyperDan & ScottyDoo kept chipping away notching up over 20 laps each, with DMS fast as lightning as always just dropping a couple of laps with a minor technical issue. That seeded the A main.

Dodgy, Bolts, Dacus & GSmart qualified into the B main with impressive qually stints,
Wyldeone, Derpy, Kiz & Mopatop we’re our C main pilots with Wyledone and Depy’s average laptims being 6 tenths apart! Mopatop was throwning down fire but lacked a couple of laps – looking at his average, should have been in the B main! – next time!

It was SGDC’s pleasure to welcome another new face to our rank – Noluck.fpv in with great company heading into the D mains with Simpo, Aaron & Iron-Ryan.
Rounding out the mains was Whats up & Cruise.

Here’s the full qual results and fastest laps:

With a little break and some admin getting the mains locked and loaded, some pilots being assigned their video channels we embarked on the triple mains for all.

What a night of racing, with the A mains going down to a tiebreaker!
MrE won race 1 with DMS taking second place just a second and a half back, followed by ScottyDoo in third.
Race 2 was taken by DMS in 1st, ScottyDoo in second & MrE a second back in third!
Heres the crazy part! ScottuDoo wond round 3 of hte A main, followed by MrE 9 tenth’s back and DMS coming over the line under a second later putting after putting in an absolute heroic final lap – the fastest of the night: 18.361! Hyperdan in fourth could have got in the mix looking at his times!
That took us to a points tie with 3 pilots all taking a first, second & third position.
Tiebreaker! it came down to everyone’s total time in the mains (Not that the pilots knew what was going on)
A huge congratulations to DMS Taking the A main win on the night with 5 seconds in hand over MrE in second, giving ScottyDoo third place on the evening.

The B-main was as cuthroat as the A-Main with Dodgy winning the first race 3 seconds ahead of Bolts, followed by Dacus & GSmart.
Round 2 saw the same finishing order however it got switched up in round 3 with Bolts putting the hammer down , taking the win with Dacus a couple of seconds behind over the line & Dodgy less than a second behind Dacus across the line! Second tiebreaker of the night!
Congratulaitons on winning the B-main, Dodgy!

The C main was not just won, but dominated by Mopatop who put on an absolute clinic!
Noone got close or could have got a look in.
Congratulations Mopatop!

We saw Iron-Ryan & Simpo throw down in the D-Main – Simpo won round 1 & 2 giving him 10 points with Iron-Ryan taking seconds in both races,giving him 6 points. followed by NoLuck.
Race 3 went a bit sideways for Simpo, which was won be Iron-Ryan and NoLuck got second position leaving Simpo thrid and a point, putting Simpo & Iron-Ryan on a points tie – the third tiebreaker of the night!
Congrats Simpo taking the D-main, we’re looking forward to see you resume battle!

The E-main was host to Whats Up & Cruise which was concluded as a gentlemans agreement to a draw after race 1 and resume battle another day, we love it!

This races winners from all mains received thropys and goodies from our featured sponsor,Happymodel alongside goodies from out other series sponsors!
WeBLEED ,TinyWhoop, Thumbgrippies, ViFly, Gemfan, HappyModel, Orqa & ImmersionRC.
Thank you!

Race 3 is our Christmas bash so get signed up now on IFPV
We’ll lay on some grub and other festivities on and see the year out shooting gates ready for an amazing 2024!